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New Website | New Blog | Subscribe!

4 Feb

YAY for a new chapter!!!! ;)

Im so proud to announce that I have finally made some changes to my website!

My blog was imported to a new server and you’ll see all my blog updates thru my website! Isn’t it awesome!? Yes! :)

So, your subscription to my new blog was most likely not imported with the contents, so if you could, head over to my New Blog and SUBSCRIBE!!!! :)

It will continue to be a WordPress blog… the only difference now is that you’ll constantly see new updates about my photo shoots… the whole purpose of putting my website and blog together was that I could constantly post new photos and continually update my portfolio… this way, you my followers and my clients and prospective clients can see my work fresh and updated!

I hope you like the new look so far… I am not 100% done, its a work in progress, but Im pretty happy with the results so far!

Thank you for following!