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Body Back | Week 3

19 Jan

Alright… week 3 – 4 pounds down! [25+ pounds down was our combine weight loss for the whole class! wow!]

I started the week right… Stroller Strides Class on monday was AMAZING! Full of new moms! [you have no idea how much I love working out with other moms… it makes me feel like Im not alone]

Here is a pic of us doing squats at the Tiffany & CO wall! LOL – and singing B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name oh! [FUN! – the kids love it!]



Here is a word that summarizes the past 2 nights of Body Back {INTENSE}

Tuesday… INTENSE ARMS workout… whew! 


Talk about being sore…. my brachioradialis are sore! Your what? Yeah…  forearms muscles! LOL 


Wednesday LEGS workout… once again… INTENSE!

We started with a little run outside to warmup! I jogged 0.34 miles without stopping! OMG!!! I know its probably nothing!!!!! But for someone that can’t run for nothing 0.34 miles felt like a marathon, and I can honestly say that Im sooooo proud of myself for keep going when I thought I had to stop! :)

Circuit… and I must say, it felt good! Stability ball, weights, step stool, and TRX! Whew [again!]


It feels good to be a Body Back-er!

Besides all the amazing workouts we do… one thing I haven’t told you, we also are assigned homework. Don’t be alarmed! Nothing like a 10 pages essay! This week’s assignment was to write a break up letter between me and a go to [bad] habit/food! Its due next week and I can’t wait to share all the amazing/funny letters these ladies are writing [with their permission].

For now… Im going to relax my sore muscles… take a warm long shower and stay healthy!

Hugs & Kisses!