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Am I too old, or is she growing up too fast?

17 Mar

It wasn’t too long ago that I would be knocking on the door and she would RUUUN to give me a hug, or wait anxiously till dinner was served to make sure I was sitting by her side, hold my hand and touch my hair, ask me grown up questions… yup! Now… she is too busy with Bieber Fever!

My hubs lil cuz [mah lil cousin! Shhhhhh don’t tell her I called her “lil”] turned into a beautiful-smart-sweet young woman.

Mariah had makeup professionally done by Gabriela’s Salon, then headed to the beach for an awesome beach sunset sweet 16 15 photoshoot! Posing with Be Yourself – Jewelry by Elaine … she was a natural!

We played with her iPod and we even talked about Justin Bieber! We had a great time!!

Happy 15th birthday Riah! <3