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“Me” Photo Session | Contest Info

9 Jan

I have a lot of ladies asking me for details on the contest… so here is a whole new post on just info about the contest.

Would you like to have a session just for you!?

A beautiful picture of a new you, a new body, a happier you!!!!

This year Im offering a FREE photo session to the lady who impresses me the most! Its not who loses the most weight or inches… its who works the hardest! If you would like to be considered, I need a now picture of you (front, back and sideways – take it with your phone if its easier! I don’t care for quality)… send it to  [photosbyrenata (at) gmail.com] and write a little bit about yourself and your motivations!

The amount of weight you lose is NOT the win factor, however, the more you lose, the more you’ll impress me! :)

You must agree that after the contest is over I will display your before and after pictures.

Your photo session will consist of only YOU!

30 minutes at Deerfield Beach and edited photos on disc.

You’ll have until January 20th to send me your entry. You’ll have 6 months to work your behind off!! I’ll keep you posted on the date of the end of the contest.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me before submitting your entry!

If you know someone that would like to be part of it, let them know!

Why am I doing this?

1. Because I want to support you and give you a motive to be healthy and happy!

2.Because once I was that woman who lost tons of weight and wanted to celebrate myself by taking professional pictures of a new me, and circumstances didn’t allow me, so now I want to give a special lady the opportunity I didn’t have!

Stay healthy!