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Body Back | Week 2

11 Jan

All you heard on yesterday’s class was…

“Oh sh*t!”

“Holy cr*p!”


“What the F**k!”



and Im not even making this up!

Class was so hard…. I don’t care how physically fit you are, you would be yelling too!

It was ARMS all the way… back, shoulders, biceps, triceps… and every other muscle in between!

Then… today comes along… we are all sore right? Who cares? Exactly… who cares? No-one! Good thing we did legs!

But wait… it wasn’t really a relief… working out legs didn’t make it any easier!

This woman… gives us disposable plates! Really! Disposable plates! And tell us to skate! Simple right? NO! Get 2 disposable plates, put it under you feet and go side to side, moving your arms, like if you are skiing! Do that for 1 minute non-stop! If it doesn’t hurt, you at least got you heart pumping!

If skiing was the only thing she made us do.. I would be content… but try planks with plates, abs with plates, squats with plates…. and the list keeps going!

Thankfully we finished with meditation [<insert breath of relief here>] and deep breath in… and breath out…