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Body Back | Week 4

26 Jan


Thats right! Half way there! :)


I believe Im down 5 pounds… (the 5 pounds Santa brought me for Christmas!)


This week was not different… arms and legs… and a little extra “PLANKS!” [SIGH!]  \o/





We recently had a homework assignment. Write a break up letter to a food or habit of our choice.

ENJOY…. and leave a comment with your vote for the best letter!! Just for fun! ;o)

Letter 1

Dear bagel with cream cheese…… I love you so very much. You are my very favorite food I could eat you for every meal every day. You taste so good yet you make me feel so fat this is why it’s time to say goodbye to you. You. You are so convenient to me, dunkin donuts has made it way too easy for me to eat you at any time of the day. I can even be lazy and go through the drive through :) you and I have had a great relationship for as long as I can remember and it has been great at times yet you have hurt me. You have helped make me fat and you have helped me in needing to buy new pants because my old ones no longer fit and this is why for at least the remainder of bb I’m giving you up. It won’t be easy but I’m a strong woman and I’m leaving you alone now! Go make someone else chubby now! Goodbye! :)



Letter 2:

Dear Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies from McDonalds: OMG….you taste sooo amazing. You come in a convenient drive-thru (3) pack that I can devour in about 3 minutes. You are soft and gooey and amazing. You are unfortunately 200 Calories Per Cookie, so you are going to have to hit the road. If I could eat just one of your trio packs, then we’d probably be able to continue our relationship. One of you isn’t enough though and I have to give up my 600 Calorie indulgence. I will dearly miss you, but it is better this way. Have a nice life!



Letter 3:

Dearest Newcastle Brown Ale, Oh, how I love you so. You’re as smooth and delicious as chocolate cake. But, like chocolate cake, you go straight to my ass and I’ve quite frankly grown quite fond of what it looks like without you. I know we’ve had some good times together and you’ve been a refreshing relaxation, but I don’t need you anymore. I’m leaving you for a full time courtship with water. I know what you’re thinking; “how boring”, but water doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ve had a sandwich in every glass… and you hold me back from these short shorts that I want. Just sayin’… Now, now, don’t be upset; you’ll be just fine. I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding some skinny dude who looks like he could use a sandwich or two. Trust me on this one.

Bye Bye,



Letter 4:

Dear Chocolate I think we need to have a talk….yes….it’s over…… Yes we had many good times, and you always were there for me in good times and in bad. I know that you are Fantastic because you are so multi-talented… how you cool me off from the heat in ice cream, the way your M&M’s melt in my mouth and not in my hands, the sweet Hershey Kisses you give, how devilish you can be in cake, etc. etc. e just tell you that its not you…. its me!! I have decided to pursue a healthier path, and i’m sorry but you are now doing me more harm then good. If we continue it will be an unhealthy relationship! I would hate to lose you completely….. and would love nothing more to continue to be friends with your dark side, HOWEVER I ask that we keep it to seeing each other at a VERY minimum… and I mean VERY MINIMUM. Its been great!

 Let me just tell you that it’s not you…. it’s me!! I have decided to pursue a healthier path, and I’m sorry but you are now doing me more harm than good. If we continue it will be an unhealthy relationship!

 I would hate to lose you completely….. And would love nothing more to continue to be friends with your dark side; HOWEVER I ask that we keep it to seeing each other at a VERY minimum… and I mean VERY MINIMUM.

Its been great!



Letter 5:

Dear pre pregnancy clothes, Oh how I’ve missed you! I think about you every day – several times a day. I refer to you regularly and stare longingly at pictures of you that I have. We’ve had amazing times together – I have not forgotten! We traveled the world, went out and danced all night long and we’ve celebrated special occasions together. I want you to know that I am now focused on getting you back. I am sorry that I neglected you. I admit that I should have been able to wear you much sooner after my pregnancy was over. I realize now that I love you more than I love pizza, pasta, candy, wine and all my carb-loaded meals that just give me instant gratification. Don’t worry pre pregnancy clothes; I will wear you again soon. We still have more memories, more travels and more fun! I will reach my weight goal very soon and we will be reunited. See you soon!



Letter 6:

Dear White Rice, I’m very sorry… Ive been having an affair… yes, I’ve cheated on you! I always thought I couldn’t live without you, even though you make me feel heavy and over weight. I was feeling so dependable of you and this has made me depressed and uncomfortable with my own self. You make me feel like I always need more, and your wing man, Desert, who always follows you everywhere doesn’t make me feel any better. I’ve decided to leave you for now, I know I’ll meet you again, and might have a flash back with you, but don’t be too excited, it will be momentarily and I will not get back with you. So yeah, I’ve cheated on you, and I like it… His name is Quinoa, he makes me feel better about myself, and quit honestly, the black beans love him too. xoxo



Letter 7:

Dear Baked Macaroni and Cheese, You have been around longer than any relationship I have ever had. You have been there for me during breakups, late night drinking binges and two pregnancies. You are by far my favorite friend and so comforting in any time of need. I often think of you while asleep and wake up wanting to taste your cheesy goodness and have eaten half a tray of you before. I love you my cheesy friend and your carbs that make you taste even better. It is now time to say goodbye for a little while at least. Maybe I will see you again as a treat or have a little taste when I make you for my kids. As of now it has been 3 weeks since I have last made you and although I do think of you often I have moved on. Maybe I will see you one day again, especially if I get pregnant but for now it is farewell and have a nice life.



Letter 8:

Dear Snickers Ice Cream Bar, I don’t know quite how to tell you this, but our romance is over. I’m terribly sorry I had to do this through a letter, this didn’t need to be done, but I wanted to. This note will be the last memory you’ll ever have of me, I really don’t care for you anymore, I’ve moved on. Don’t let it get you all upset inside; we were not a good match. You have a history of lying and telling me that I won’t gain weight because of our time on the couch together.

You’d be much better off finding a person that can deal with the sweet way you needed to be near the freezer. I have to admit that I had some good times with you. We shared a lot of time on the couch watching mindless reality shows, but it’s time to move on. Since I left you outside of the freezer, your wrapper doesn’t seem to fit anymore, just saying.

I think I first knew that it was the beginning of the end when I started this change in my life 6 months ago. You don’t support me in my life change. You actually make my life harder.

I’m sure you are sensitive and open-minded enough to accept this decision that I have made. I hope this letter gives you some closure to our love affair. Ten years of dedication is enough to see that the acne you cause is terminally unattractive.

I’m returning the cable bill. I’ve cut him off too because I am dedicated to this change, but I’m holding on to my sanity. As a keepsake, I want you to know that I’ll always treasure Halloween and enjoy air-popped popcorn on that night. He is almost as good as you, but won’t slow me down.

Regards to your family, especially Snickers Almonds,



Get To Kno Me!

3 Apr

Many of you… my blog followers… my Facebook fans… clients… acquaintances… some friends… distant family members… know very little about me.

A friend of mine once told me that people want to know you [or at least think they really know you], and relate to you, your problems, your happiness…

Well, my friend… take a sit, grab a glass of wine, relax… and enjoy the ride!

[For the safety of my own and family… I might not disclose certain personal info such as names and locations – lot of creepy people out there! LOL]

Born and raised [up to my 16th birthday] in Brazil. Moved to Florida in 2000. We had nothing [my dad brought very little $ in his pocket for a family of 4]. Thankfully we had amazing friends/neighbors who helped us for months [even years]. We slept on the soft carpet for a long time. Other than groceries, the first thing my dad bought with the money he made working as a contractor was a TV. No furniture! Just an empty apartment, with blankets on the floor [our beds] and an amazing smell of garlic, onions and oil [my mom cooking!].

Mind you that we had a great life in Brazil, with an amazing [my second mom] maid, who worked for us for over 16 years! I still get teary eyes thinking of her!

I no speak engrish for a looong time! If you dared to give me a chance to talk to you… you’d better know sign language! [not the real sign language!]

My first job was at McDonald’s [We love to see your smile!] and I’m proud of it! I was promoted several times from the grill to the french fries! I quit because my boss kept on asking me to mop the floor everyday [Oh Boy! Things you do when you are a kid!]

At 18 years old I gave my life to Jesus [don’t stop readying! This will not turn into a religious subject – just get to know me!] I kid you not… my life was turned up side down – actually, I take that back and rephrase it – my life was finally turned down side up!

I was freaking out with all that was happening, but I knew I had made an important decision… and my life was never the same. I went thru ups and down… a lot of disappointments with the people who preached so highly about God and the church… but one thing kept me focused — and it was God Jesus – the One and Only – the One who has given me the strength all these years – the One who has provided all this time!

My  husband [then boyfriend] came along in 2003 [crazy little head! – all he wanted was enjoy life to the fullest – with his friends – not me! – remember… I’m just the “church girl”]. Little did he know that God had a plan! He also gave his life to Jesus – after a lot of prayer! Three years later, we were Mr. & Mrs..

Another three years went by and we were gifted with our little girl! She was born on September 1st, 2009. She is a blessing! I cant even see life without her!

In 2008… I got me a gift… I call her Miss Canon [she is my business partner! wink!] – with previous training and more training afterwards… I realized I had a talent – it became a part-time job!

It wasnt until last year that photography became my full-time job!

I’m no longer an illegal immigrant sleeping on the carpet floor. I no longer work for McDonald’s moping the floor or flipping hamburgers and french fries. I no longer cry out to God and assume His not listening… I am now a wife, a mom, a business woman… struggling everyday to provide for my family, to love my family… to be the best wife and mom I can be… I am the daughter of the King of kings. I’m a friend, I’m a sister, I’m a blogger, Facebooker

I’m not perfect, I’m human… I’m just like you… trying to strive all that I can to make my loved ones proud of me… to be able to pad on my shoulders and tell my own self – you are beautiful, you are smart, you are how you are meant to be… and I’m proud of you!

Despite all the trouble I’ve being thru, despite all the struggles I’ve gone thru [especially in the past few months]…

Im B.L.E.S.S.E.D