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Chevy Mom’s Nite Out!

7 May


So I was one of the moms selected to go on a Chevy crawl and get spoiled pampered!


It started like this:

1pm – meet all the other moms at the Maroone Chevrolet of Fort Lauderdale (shout out to Ric, the GM, who was very sweet and welcomed us so nicely)

1:30ish – get in our nice Chevys (me in particular – in the VOLT! Sweet!) we head out to Contour Day Spa in Plantation… where we got pampered like a princess! Hair got shampooed (head got massaged!), straighten than curled (very Hollywood-ish) and eyes got smokey! Grrrr! lol My goal was to look like I never looked before, come on… it was my mom’s nite out and Chevy was taking good care of me… so why not look like the Kardashians? huh?!

Got a tour of the amazing Dr. G WeightLoss & Wellness – along with an awesome goodie bag! [FYI I got you a $50 off coupon – if interested in their weight loss program – which is FANTASTIC – hit me up and I’ll mail it to you!]

Later-ish (forgot the exact time!) – we got treated at Carrabbas Restaurant, loaded ourselves with carbs and got a special goodie bag from Chevy (I heart you Chevy)

7pm – back to our Chevy crawl heading to the local mall… for Dancing with the Moms event!

7:15ish – PARTY IS ON!!!! Pink Champagne in da hooouse! Mamma was happy! Specially after winning the raffle! Say whaaat?!

Overall, my day was amazing, I met some great hot mammas whom I hope to keep a friendship with!

Special thanks to CHEVY for taking good care of me and Heather Lopes for picking me to be part of this event!

Thx @zipporahs for letting me "borrow" this photo of us!

Can I get a Uh Uh!?  :o)


Sweet Little Cutie Pie!

9 Apr

What a nice and fun photo shoot!!!

It was no surprise to me that little Brooke would be acting all shy [her mom warned me!].

We walked and walked [looking for Dora!] – little Brooke now started liking me… but she still hesitated!

“Come on vamonos! Everybody let’s go!” – Now she’s my BFF! She held my hand, she chased me, I chased her, we laughed, we sweated [trust me! I got a workout! Hubs would be proud of me!], we sang, we danced… she was as sweet as cupcake!

Thank you Mommy Jaymi for letting me capture Brooke’s special moments! It was a pleasure serving you!!! Cant wait to see Brooke’s Birthday Invitation designed by Devon Marie Design!

Momma is in the house!

20 Mar

Sorry I’ve been MIA… even though I’ve being thinking about you [p.s. I wasn’t  told that blogging is addicting!]

My Mãe [Mom] is here visiting from Brazil! I couldn’t be more excited and happy and relieved and… [every good feeling in the dictionary]!

Besides being a great mother, she is a great mother-in-law and a great-amazing-loving-caring grandma!

She’ll be here until May [sweeeeet! I’ve got plenty of time for grown-up time with the hubs! – permanent babysitter! lol!] with her, she brought tons of merchandise from Brazil… which she is selling like crazy! She’ll be posting whats left over of her stock on her Facebook Fan Page – Oasis [check it out!]

So for now… here is a sneak peek of my mom! I’m sure you’ll hear more about her!

Nite Nite!