Body Back | Week 5

2 Feb

What a tough week for me.. personally! I hurt my back on monday [I can’t recall how, but I started feeling the muscle pain in the afternoon… when Tuesday came around, of course I thought that “maybe” I could just “call in” sick! LOL “maybe” that was just the excuse I needed to not come to class and stay home with the hubs and my baby girl… and then, I thought to myself… if I don’t push myself, who will? So, I took a Tylenol and got on my way… It was not an easy class and although the pain-killer helped I could still feel the pain [everywhere!]. After the class was over, I couldn’t be more proud of myself for not giving up! I completed 5 weeks of Body Back and I’m soooooo close to the end! yay!

So, here is the bad news… I didn’t lose any weight this week, in fact, I gained 2 ounces! [honestly, it was my fault, I had a bit of wine and popcorn when I went on a movie date night with my hubs last weekend!] I won’t kill myself for it, lets just move on, and keep going!

Anyways… I’ve told my contest ladies to follow my blog and I would be giving tips on things I learn at Body Back… here are a few things that I’ve learned this Body Back Session and that I’m committed to change in my life and my family lives. I have officially substituted

Splenda for Brown Sugar

– Rice (including brown rice) for Quinoa [cooks just like rice!]

White Flour for Wheat Flour (Cant wait to make cupcakes for Super Bowl MOO-HA-HA – GO PATS!]

I am no longer eating pasta (including wheat pasta) every week, in fact, we stopped buying pasta so I have no choice but not to cook pasta {insert smile here}.

So here we are on Tuesday class… killer class! [as you can see!]


Wednesday class was a bit special!  Let me rewind a little… on our 1st or 2nd week of Body Back, the instructor Ivie Claudio gave us an assignment to bring a photo that inspires us to be healthier and to complete Body Back. I brought a picture of me on my wedding day, and told her, “I would love to get back to that body I once had”. All the other ladies brought their pictures too, pictures of their kids, their husbands, magazines, and other people who inspire them.

So while in our circuit exercise, Ivie placed our pictures in front of us [to remind us of why we are doing this] and with our pictures, she also added a quote, an inspiration quote… and let me tell you: “It was definitely inspiring!”

My quote was “It’s never too late to become what you might have been” [WOW]

Thanks ladies for another Body Back week… 3 more to go! Yay!



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