Body Back | Day 2

4 Jan

Forget about my post last night! What I thought it was just a “Let me show you whats ahead of you” class… Was actually a “Im just tickling you” class!

Seriously!!!!!!!! Today I questioned myself tons of times “What did I get myself into!??????”

Day 2 of Body Back was kick A**!!!! It started with a 1/4 mile run [boy! Im so outta shape! Stomach hurts! Legs hurt!] and this was just the start!

Mats on the floor… 5 pounds free weights, exercise ball, bosu ball, water bottle and towel… Ready! Set! Ouch!


It was no joke! But I loved the push! The instructor (Ivie) was amazing!

To end… A little meditation! It closed our class with golden keys! A little room spray with some type of herbal sweet flavor totally surprised us! Thanks Ivie! That was awesome!

Heres my red face after the class! Lol


Till next week! Nite nite!

{posts about my experience at Body Back will be written in a weekly basis starting next week! Make sure to subscribe!}

{written from my iphone}


One Response to “Body Back | Day 2”

  1. Riane January 6, 2012 at 7:43 am #

    That’s awesome, Re! How I miss SS… I will do body back after my next munchkin for sure!
    Cheering for you, girl!

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