Chevy Mom’s Nite Out!

7 May


So I was one of the moms selected to go on a Chevy crawl and get spoiled pampered!


It started like this:

1pm – meet all the other moms at the Maroone Chevrolet of Fort Lauderdale (shout out to Ric, the GM, who was very sweet and welcomed us so nicely)

1:30ish – get in our nice Chevys (me in particular – in the VOLT! Sweet!) we head out to Contour Day Spa in Plantation… where we got pampered like a princess! Hair got shampooed (head got massaged!), straighten than curled (very Hollywood-ish) and eyes got smokey! Grrrr! lol My goal was to look like I never looked before, come on… it was my mom’s nite out and Chevy was taking good care of me… so why not look like the Kardashians? huh?!

Got a tour of the amazing Dr. G WeightLoss & Wellness – along with an awesome goodie bag! [FYI I got you a $50 off coupon – if interested in their weight loss program – which is FANTASTIC – hit me up and I’ll mail it to you!]

Later-ish (forgot the exact time!) – we got treated at Carrabbas Restaurant, loaded ourselves with carbs and got a special goodie bag from Chevy (I heart you Chevy)

7pm – back to our Chevy crawl heading to the local mall… for Dancing with the Moms event!

7:15ish – PARTY IS ON!!!! Pink Champagne in da hooouse! Mamma was happy! Specially after winning the raffle! Say whaaat?!

Overall, my day was amazing, I met some great hot mammas whom I hope to keep a friendship with!

Special thanks to CHEVY for taking good care of me and Heather Lopes for picking me to be part of this event!

Thx @zipporahs for letting me "borrow" this photo of us!

Can I get a Uh Uh!?  :o)


2 Responses to “Chevy Mom’s Nite Out!”

  1. toasty redhead May 14, 2011 at 2:34 am #

    Wow,, That is awesome!!

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